How it works?

Zipurch aggregates sold items from different US marketplaces and online stores. All packages on the map are heading to buyers at the moment. Once package is delivered, we stop displaying that package on the map.

How I may use Zipurch?

Zipurch provides unique approach to discover new products. You may check what people buy nationwide, in your city or state. All packages on the map meaning recent orders – you might also be interested in the same deals.

What does package mean on the map?

Every package means a recent order on US marketplace or online store.

Are packages move in real time?

No. We use simulation to make it real look. But if you see the package on the map it means that it is still in transit to the end-buyer.

How I may add my sold items on the map?

<a href={'https://onlihub.com/zipurch'} target={'_blank'} className={'text-blue-500'}>Learn more details and requirements</a> how to add sold items on Zipurch.